What souls dream

What souls dream of is the title of the work selected for this collective exhibition organized by various departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid under the title "Modern Myths", whose purpose is to offer different visions of the same, ie both ancient myths with a transfer to our time as new myths created by comics, literature or current cinema

Myth as a symbol

This collaboration in particular deals with the myth of The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods and the opportunity that a poetic reflection gives us to experience the meaning of its symbolism.  And this meaning would be none other than the transcendence of one silent present state to another fully alive thanks, precisely, to the "grace" of the movement. An understanding and confirmation of the movement from the centre which, as a consequence, transfers another way of seeing.

The living experience of meaning would then be beyond knowing oneself in the sleeping state and would therefore break,  call off or transcend it by allowing us to contact with Reality, in a way that it ceases to be unknown... or rather it is Reality that gives us recognition as such. Reality is shown in an act of Love for Itself. Yet it may still seem to come initially from the outside for the psychological mechanism of the opposites.

As part of the graphic work that we present in attention to the myth of Sleeping Beauty, and having parallel meaning and intention to what we can also call process of new meaning, we will include two poetic samples of two great authors with the purpose of offering certain orientation to the spectator who approaches to contemplate the work. These are Sonatina by Rubén Darío and Alma, buscarte has en Mí by Teresa de Jesús. They are also shown to try to remove from us the most basic and superficial notions related to this myth that may recede the viewer from the opportunity of  a truly personal reflection.

In each one of us lies the transforming potential that truly beautifies us:

Images of the process

Previous ideas, concpets and sketches

Previous ideas, concpets and sketches

working process