The 12 Best Wishes To Colour


New Coloring Book For Adults.

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Colouring. Playing. Living. Loving.

The 12 Best Wishes To Colour

are achievable desires, not only on the beautiful pages of this colouring book but in everyday life. From this book they emerge as latent ideas, apparently inactive, and come true from the very moment you make the decision you want to bring them to life by colouring them.

The Magic Of Colouring

In this game it is impossible to lose because at every moment there is something waiting to be discovered while colouring. Magic is the secret intention of Art, so please stay alert and do not miss the most sacred thing.

Suitable For All Ages

Kids have fun and adults may benefit most by developing the ability to grasp their ultimate meaning. Each magical illustrated formula lead us to the mystical treasure hidden in the heart of each colourist.

Experience Their Meaning

Enjoy more than 24 illustrations in single-sided pages. These 12 best wishes of this colouring book offer us the possibility to experience their meaning in a personal and intimate way.


Designed For Sharing

After your colouring experiencing you can cut out the coloured pages, place them wherever you like or give them to whoever you want, sharing the powerful magic reality of your desires.

Your Chance To Descover

These beautiful drawings and illustrated words are waiting asleep to be brought to life through colour. Now, you are invited to take your pens and embellish the world you see.

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"Dibújame un cordero...".
Antoine de Saint Exupery


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